Azwar Rashid.

Azwar was born and raised in Malaysia. In 2009, he came to the United States to pursue his passion in Photography at the Art Institute of California.

Upon his formal education in Digital Photography, Azwar has been continuously expanding his knowledge and experience. He first began his career as a full time Portrait Photographer at a portrait studio for 3 years where he developed important skills such as directing, posing, and communication.

He then moved on to Product Photography where he learned how to photograph and light different material, texture and electronic products. At Newegg Inc, where he was the in-house Product Photographer, Azwar would photograph hundreds of electronic products per month.

Seeking for more challenges, Azwar later pursued Numismatic Photography, currently 1 of 4 full time photographer at the top coin grading company in the world (PCGS). There he has worked on photographing the world's rarest coin, gold, and treasures.

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